Rules Toolset©

Our team has developed a generic toolset to help companies deliver highly personalized information to consumers.

As knowledge accumulates over the years, combining and filtering it to give individual-specific information becomes a harder task every day. Our team has developed a generic toolset to help companies provide a highly personalized experience to consumers without having to invest in technology.

The Rules Toolset© solution offers to companies the power to transform their domain-specific knowledge into attractive consumer services and products easily. It is a unique product that supports scientists to transform the synergistic input of nutritional, biological, medical and genetic information into a comprehensive report in the simplest way, regardless the complexity of the logic.

< Here is an example of a personalized report created by Rules Toolset©

The efficient tool to deliver personalized healthcare information.

  • Transform your domain-specific knowledge into attractive consumer services and products easily.
  • Design and deliver personalized consumer reports in a variety of formats quickly.
  • Be flexible and increase the productivity of your company.

Modules & Applications

The Rules Toolset© solution consists of a number of modules and applications.

technology used

The architecture of the Rules Toolset© solution provides great flexibility as both the Modeler and the Report Generator are WCF web services. In general, the system can be utilized as a single web service following the "Software as a Service" (SaaS) approach and is available as Windows Azure hosted services, assuring scalability, performance and security.
The issue of sensitive data managed by the Rules Toolset© solution, such as personal genetic and medical data, is handled efficiently since the solution is based on SQL Server built-in security features and PKI infrastructure and data are managed transparently as far as Rules Toolset© is concerned.
The fact the Rules Toolset© is available as SaaS web services offers advantages from both a technical point of view as well as from a business point of view:

  • From a technical point of view, this approach allows the use of the Rules Toolset© system as part of any existing workflow transparently for the end-user.
  • From a business point of view, this approach gives companies the opportunity to introduce new forms of delivery for their products in terms of specific product configurations for different vendors and clients in the global marketplace. Additionally, it doesn’t require an expensive up-front investment since the adopted SaaS model is actually a "pay-as-you-go" charge scheme.

Be productive

Rules Toolset© offers companies the potential to exponentially increase productivity, by empowering the user with the ability to create new models from scratch for generating personalized consumer reports in a variety of formats including xml, doc, docx, pdf, html, etc.

Rules Toolset© solution lays out all of the required components such as rules, constants, variable text elements, questionnaire inputs and gene definitions in one logical, intuitive interface. Overall, the solution enables a single operator to control the whole process (from conception to finished cross-checked report) efficiently. Rules Toolset© is a unique product - there is no alternative on the market that can handle the generation of apparently simple personal reports from such a mass of complex interactions among genes, biomarkers, nutrition, etc.

Questions & Answers

1. You want to genotype one SNP and give an interpretation of the result. E.g. the LCT C/T-13910 SNP (single nucleotide polymorphism) for lactose intolerance.
No, you don’t need the Rules Toolset©, the answer is simple: CC = intolerant so avoid dairy, while CT or TT = tolerant.
2. You have a panel of 6 SNPs for HLA genes related to Celiac disease risk. In the personal report you want to give an indication of the relative risk which depends on the combination of SNPs.
In this case, again, the Rules Toolset© would not be necessary (although it would make things easier).
3. For a panel of 10-15 SNPs related to different CVD (cardiovascular disease) risk factors (e.g. lipid metabolism, inflammation, blood pressure, etc) you need to produce a personal report that interprets the results and gives recommendations on nutrition, physical activity, medication if necessary, etc, that will manage the risk factors with the aim of reducing overall CVD risk.
The Rules Toolset© is not essential; it is possible to construct the rules and logic using Excel formulas or database queries.
The Toolset however would make the process much more comfortable to manage and would likely prove to be a cost effective choice over the alternatives.
4. You want to include extra variables in the personal report of the CVD panel of case (3). The recommendations will incorporate biomarker results and possibly also dietary information. You will also want to produce follow up reports as new biomarker and healthcare assessments are performed.
Compared to case (3) we now have increased the complexity by several orders of magnitude and yes, you will need the Rules Toolset©. With spreadsheet formulas or database queries it will not even be possible to create all the formulas or queries required to deliver the whole range of personal recommendations. Without the Rules Toolset this service would be impossible.
5. As high-throughput multiplexed systems begin to make it affordable to measure 100’s (soon 1,000’s) of biomarkers we start to enter the realm of incorporating metabolomics (and other "-omics") into clinical practice and personal healthcare management. The complexity becomes seemingly unimaginable…
Maybe, but not unmanageable. Do you need the Rules Toolset©? Yes

Who is using Rules Toolset©

Rules Toolset© has been used successfully by Sciona Inc, MyGene Pty. Ltd, and DnaFit. It is the basic underlying software engine for EU-funded project Eurogene, while it contributes in the EU-funded project QuaLiFY.
Rules Toolset© was presented as case study at Microsoft Hellas 2008 launch event.

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